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Teachers' Presents

" 'It's a Teacher's Life...' Humorous poetry about school from a teacher's perspective. A great teachers' present!"If you're short of ideas for teachers' presents, then here are some to be getting on with, based on Helena's own experience of gifts received.  Her poetry about school life is just one of the ideas for teachers' gifts you'll find here.

  1. "It's a Teacher's Life..." - a collection of humorous poetry about school life, sure to appeal to any teacher wherever they work.  Available online or from Helena's bookshop (with personalised dedication if you wish). You can read extracts from the book here.
  2. A card or letter with a personal message of thanks from the pupil or parents - these mean more to teachers than much more expensive gifts.
  3. Personalised plates, bowls or mugs - in fact, anything that is personalised and shows appreciation to the teacher is always greatly valued. One of the best teachers' presents Helena ever received was a personalised T-Shirt from a GCSE German group, with her mantra 'Keep It Simple' written on the front and signed by her pupils on the back, each of whom had written 'thank you' in German.
  4. Book tokens
  5. Store gift cards
  6. Cinema gift cards
  7. Gift certificate for a massage, pedicure or facial
  8. Practical items e.g. blank cards, notelets, notebooks, pens, pencils etc. Helena once received a large colourful notebook where she now jots down story ideas etc. - she wouldn't be without it!
  9. If you know the particular food or toiletry preferences of a teacher, then these items can be welcome gifts, but steer away from such presents if you don't know what the teacher likes.
  10. Flowers or a plant in a nice pot accompanied by a message of thanks will always be accepted with pleasure. One of Helena's GCSE French classes gave her an enormous bouquet of flowers as a thank you present and, although the flowers have long since gone, it was a wonderful token of appreciation and that memory remains one of her most precious.