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Assembly story

Looking for an unusual assembly story? Helena's children's stories can be easily adapted into assembly scripts - sign up on the right for a FREE assembly script of 'Pep, Polish and Paint.' You can of course book Helena to do a school assembly herself - please see below for more details.

(Click here to listen to a video of the whole of "Pep, Polish & Paint" for free and click here to read the first part of the printed story. All books available to purchase from the bookshop.)

" 'Pep, Polish and Paint' is a great, free story book for children online"


Sign up now for a FREE assembly script of Helena's children's story 'Pep, Polish and Paint.'

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Helena can be booked for the following:

  1. School assemblies
  2. School visits (for one or more classes)
  3. Guest speaker (for special events, clubs, organisations, church groups etc.)

Fees will vary according to the length of time. Please contact Helena at [email protected] with your requirements.

School assemblies

Content of school assemblies can be adapted according to requirements, but generally Helena will talk a little about the inspiration behind 'Pep, Polish and Paint' and will introduce each of the characters in turn (this can be done via a screen/interactive whiteboard, if available).

She will then read out the story, whilst pictures from the book are shown on a screen/interactive whiteboard (the latter is not absolutely necessary, but it often does help with the telling of the story).

Helena will conclude by drawing some conclusions from the story i.e. when you take action and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything; we all have a fire within us and when we light it, we are unstoppable. Depending on the time available, Helena can then answer questions.

School visits

The content for these visits can again be adapted to requirements, but will normally include some of the following:

  1. The making of the story (how it came to be written, the various versions, how the illustrations were made and drawn)
  2. Helena reads out first version of story (optional)
  3. Helena reads out final version of story or children read out final version (the story is available as a playscript which can also be used as an assembly story - enter your details above to get a FREE copy)
  4. Discussion of what the story means to the children.
  5. Act out affirmations based on lessons of story (Take action and achieve anything!... I believe, I achieve!... I have amazing power!)
  6. If time, Helena can read out a true story of what a 6 year old has achieved. This can then lead to a discussion of what the children would like to achieve and what action they would start with.
  7. Colour in affirmation posters - older children can design their own.
  8. Children can ask Helena questions.

Guest speaker

Helena can talk about the following:

  1. Her teaching experiences (much of which has been documented in her book 'It's a Teacher's Life...!')
  2. Her family background (German/English) and what it has taught her (much of this has been documented in her book 'Family & More - Enemies or Friends?')
  3. Her writing career and how inspiration eventually became publication.